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About Me

I started off in IT (Information Technology). That path led me down the road to doing website development. While doing web development I  had so many people sending me cell phone pictures to go on their website and although in some situations cell phone pictures can be great they are not the best for every situation.


I wanted to start taking pictures but had no camera and had no idea how to get started.  My mom an HSN, QVC, Queen had a Canon T3i Rebel laying around the house. I watched it for about a month and she never broke it out of the box so I asked Mom can I use the camera, I want to start learning photography. Being the loving and supportive mom she is, she had no problem and gave me the camera with her blessing and my photography journey began.


3 years and a lot of time in YouTube university because of my technical background in IT, my skills in photography grew at an amazing rate! This site is not only my gallery but my journey in the advancement of my skills as a photographer.

Contact Me

2110 L and A Road

New Orleans, LA 70001


Tel: (504)383-3259